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  • Will Stringent AG Rules in Napa Make it Untenable to Grow Grapes?

    Napa Ag Under Attack

    My newest piece for Wine Industry Advisor took me into a realm I haven't worked with before--the politics of agriculture. As a wine grape grower under contract, I should really pay more attention. As a hobby vineyard size however (still tons of work! No economies of scale), I follow the main tenants for Sonoma County and then let the hubby worry about it. Napa, however, is experiencing some interesting politicking on their AG front. An initiative to "protect" the oak woodland watershed is at the crux of the matter. Those “for” have had a lot of say, so this article was commissioned to present the “against” side. I found it quite interesting to do the research for it, and talk with the “against” people. It made me wonder just how far we could eventually go in Sonoma County.